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Walter Mignolo [ARTICLES] Cosmopolitan Localism: A Decolonial Shifting of the Kantian's Legacies
Arif Dirlik [ARTICLES]Globalization, Indigenism, Social Movements,and the Politics of Place
Thierry Paquot [ARTICLES]Planetary Urbanisation with or without Cities
William F. Pore [ARTICLES]Confucianism: A Deconstruction
Astrid Wonneberger [ARTICLES]The End of Community ?: Concepts of Locality and Community before and after the Spatial Turn in Anthropology: A Case Study of the Dublin Docklands
Dina Al-Kassim [ARTICLES]Reconstructions Revisited: Unearthing the Place of the Local and the Case of Post-Civil War Beirut
Graeme Gilloch [ARTICLES]Anatomy of a Decriminalising Locality: The Body of Manila s Slum Dwellers in the Film Tirador (Slingshot)
Lorna Queong Israel [ARTICLES]Anatomy of a Decriminalising Locality: The Body of Manila s Slum Dwellers in the Film Tirador (Slingshot)
William F. Pore [Local Stories]Rethinking Global Coloniality through the Lens of Hong Kong: Forms of State Control and Democratic Possibilities
Ethan Yorgason [BOOK Reviews] Geographies of Postcolonialism: Spaces of Power and Representation, by Joanne P. Sharp, Los Angeles: Sage,2009, 158 pp.
Eunhui Eom [BOOK Reviews]They Are Not Machines: Korean Women Workers and Their Fight for Democratic Trade Unionism in the 1970s, by Soonok Chun, Cornwall: Ashgate, 2003, 226 pp.
Cheng Yi En [BOOK Reviews]Translocal Geographies: Spaces, Places, Connections, by Katherine Brickell and Ayona Datta eds., Burlington: Ashgate, 2011, 226 pp.
Mahshid Mayar [BOOK Reviews]Translocality: The Study of Globalizing Processes from a Southern Perspective, by Ulrike Freitag and Achim von Oppen eds., Leiden: Brill, 2010, 452 pp.

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