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Localities 03 (Nov.2013)


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Jacques Levy [ARTICLES] You are Here(s): The Place of Place, Today
Thierry Paquot [ARTICLES] Why Rethink Urban Planning?
Peter Marolt [ARTICLES]Re-thinking Virtual/Physical Boundaries
Felix Brahm [ARTICLES] The Overseas World and Hamburg: On the Postwar Recreation of Locality in a German Port City
Muhammad Maroof Shah & Aasif Shah [ARTICLES] Engaging with the Local Narrative of Hagiography in Kashmir
Ali A iT ABDELMALEK [ARTICLES] How to Act and Think from the Local to the Global Level: an Ethnosociological Approach to Identities and Culture
Richard Sheung [Local Stories Reading Colonial Hong Kong
WONG, Pak Nung [Local Stories]Rethinking Global Coloniality through the Lens of Hong Kong: Forms of State Control and Democratic Possibilities
Zhang Longxi [Local Stories]Reflections on Colonialism and Coloniality
Graeme Gilloch [Book Reviews] Broken Glass, by Alain Mabanckou, London: Serpent’s Tail, translated
by Helen Stevenson, 2009, 165pp.
Black Bazaar, by Alain Mabanckou, London: Serpent’s Tail, translated
by Sarah Ardizzone, 2012, 263pp.
In-Uk, Kang [Book Reviews] Путешествие археолога в страну утренней свежести, Виталий Епифанович
Ларичев Hовосиgиpcк, Издательство Института археологии и этнографии
СО РАН, 2012, 233c.
Kyonghwan Park [Book Reviews]Scale, by Andrew Herod, New York, Routledge, 2011, 294pp.
Vincenzo Susca [Book Reviews]La ville dans tous ses etats, by Fabio La Rocca, Paris, CNRS editions,
2013, 351pp.

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