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The international journal Localities is a publication of the HK (Humanities Korea) Research Team for “Localities and Humanities” in Pusan National University. By publishing the 2nd issue of Localities, we aim to spread the outcomes of humanities-based locality studies and to exchange notable insights among home and foreign scholars and local experts. The Journal Localities consists of three sections: Academic Paper, Book Review, and Local Stories added newly. Empirical studies as well as critical contributions are welcomed with topics like below, but not limited to.

1. Topics for Academic Papers
- Theoretical development for locality studies based on Humanities-related theories.
- Practical perspectives for solving various local issues from post-modernism, post-colonialism, feminism, and so on.
- The aesthetics of resistance, negotiation, and reciprocity for relations from the global to the local.
- Analytical perspectives on transformative imaginations for local development and autonomy.
- In and out of boundaries: the sights of immigrant and minorities studies.

2. Materials for Book Review
- New books for theoretical and practical prospects toward the future direction for locality studies.

3. Local Stories
- Local Stories is the new section added from the 2nd issue, which designed to show the local voices and current trends of locality studies with visual images. The ideal contributions for this section are essays with semi-formality and deal with various scenes in specific locales. Introducing the current research trends for locality studies or well-arranged archives of specific space and time are also welcomed.

Information for authors =========================================

Academic Paper should not exceed 12,000 words including an abstract of 150 words or less and 5-6 key words and also be followed the writing rule for manuscripts. For the details, please refer to the Author Guidelines in the journal’s website ( After formal reviewing process, the authors of accepted papers will be granted 1,000,000 KRW as an honorarium.

Book Review should not exceed 1,500 words and there is no established writing rule. The authors of accepted book review will be granted 100,000 KRW as an honorarium.

Local Stories should not exceed 2,000 words and could include 5 or less photos and figures. The authors of accepted essays will be granted 200,000 KRW as an honorarium.

- Papers and book reviews of the 1st issue could be found in Localities’ website (
- Copyrights of all contributions will revert to the publishing institute of the Journal.
- All honoraria of Localities will be paid in USD and exact payment might be subjected to the contemporary rate of exchange.


For further information and submitting manuscripts, email us to

Deadline for Submission: July 31, 2012

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