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record of editorial meeting(2012-02-13)


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The Minutes of Official Editorial Board Meeting

Date & Time : Thursday, February 23, 2012 (15:00-17:00 p.m.)
Agenda of meeting : Reviewing of the 1st issue of Localities and preparing for the 2nd issue.
Participants : Ilsung Yoon, Kyonghwan Park, Dongchum Kim, Kyutaek Park, Eunhui Eom,
            Jieun Shin(editorial members), Zaeyil Ree, Seonae Son(editorial assistants)

1. Briefing on the publishing procedure by Kyutaek Park

1) The first editorial meeting on July 17, 2011
- discussing the title of the journal, its objectives, the editorial staff, and the publishing date
- drawing up and distributing Call for Papers in early March
- deciding the deadline for the manuscript as August 31, 2011

2) The second editorial meeting on May 24, 2011
- selecting the panel for the submitted manuscripts
- discussing the disqualification criteria of the submitted manuscripts and book reviews

3) Application deadline was August 31. Since then, the evaluation for each manuscript had been done by two members of the panel. Afterwards, each manuscript was sent to its own contributor. After being revised by its own writer, the final edition had been collected.

4) The first volume Localities was published in cooperation with the publishing house, Gonggamin on November 30, 2011, which was chosen as an official publishing date.

5) 8 of 11 submitted articles had been published in the first volume Localities together with 5 book reviews by internal and external scholars. The reasons why 3 of articles had been rejected in the first volume are as follows:

① One of them was not suitable for the objectives and properties of Localities and its quality as an academic article was evaluated under the established criteria of Localities. It had been decided in the second editorial meeting.
② Another didn't give any answer to requesting the revision of the manuscript.
③ The other didn't have enough time for revision and supplementation.

2. Briefing on the opinions suggested by foreign editorial staff by Kyutaek Park

1) 4 professors of 14 foreign editorial members had given some evaluating comments on the first volume Localities and suggested some valuable pieces of advice for the second issue by e-mail.

2) The following Multi-dimensional opinions and suggestions from the internal and external editorial staff should be reexamined and adapted for the better upcoming second issue Localities: the traits of Localites as an academic journal, the apparent direction-establishment for each issue, the collection of the manuscripts, the publishing date, diversity, consistency, and convergence between localities and the local, autonomy, austerity, and creativity of the article format such as system, contents, descriptive methods, consideration for a special issue or a special column by external specialists, the improvement in the qualities of the submitted articles etc.

3. An Evaluation on the first volume and a discussion on publishing the second volume

1) An evaluation on the first volume in terms of improvement

  First of all, Prof. Ilsung Yoon presented a congratulatory message and praised the publication-related staff for their work and effort for the first issue, which he thought was much better than what he had expected, even though the staff must have faced some difficult circumstances. In addition, it seems that some contributors put a considerable amount of effort and time on revising their own articles. As a result, Prof. Yoon could profoundly confirm how high the contributors' expectation was for Localities. Nonetheless, what should be improved are: 1) adding some more pieces of information on the author, such as postal address, faculty, e-mail address etc., 2) decreasing the space between letters, 3) unifying the formality of the articles, for example, the formality of the subtitles in the first volume is out of sync.

  Prof. Kyonghwan Park pointed out that he felt a lack of the convergence of the theme as well as the editing direction. This is necessary in order to unearth the directivity of Localities. Also, the English font needs to be changed into a more universal one in order to augment the readability. He also suggested a specialized section, e.g. 'The Voice of the Field".

2) The editing principles, direction, contents, etc. of the second volume

* Ilsung Yoon
- boosting autonomy of the formality through publishing the article with photos
- book reviewers should be limited to the doctoral degree-pertaining contributors

* Kyonghwan Park
- considering a specialized column or volume including Korean historical materials or information (This section can be called e. g. "Local Stories")
- boosting autonomy of the formality through publishing the article with photos
- changing the color of the cover according to the season

* Dongchul Kim
- employing an English editor in order to further the quality of Localities (providing compensation)
- while distributing "Call for Papers", ask the editorial staff to apply for the article and to recommend book reviewers
- introducing the trends of academic circles, for instance, introducing the academic doyen in the form of a specialized column or volume, whose publication will be possible from the third volume

* Kyutaek Park
- boosting formality through publishing the article with photos
- While distributing "Call for Papers", attach the detailed application form through which a glance for full and thorough information of the author can be taken

* Eunhui Eom
- retained at least two agenda-related articles and book reviews by Korean authors (one from Localites, the other from an external Korean scholar belonging to any other institutions
- retained 6 articles by foreigners and 2 articles by Koreans, the current quantities of which are sufficient enough for the second volume to be published
- determining the theme for the second volume
- the way of procuring articles should be related to the International Academic Conference held by Localities
- considering publishing a round-table talk, translating and reporting the historical and cultural informations or articles related to Pusan  for a specialized section or volume

* Jieun Shin
- need to arrange the criteria for selecting books which are supposed to be reviewed
- after choosing the books, the reviewers will be decided and then book reviews will be collected

<Schedule on the publication for the second volume Localities>

• March : notifying "Call for Papers"
• June : the International Academic Conference (selecting the articles from the presenters)
• July 20 : the deadline for the manuscripts
• July 31 : choosing the manuscripts and the examiners
• August : examining the manuscripts
• early September: sending the review and evaluation sheet to the contributor and asking a revision if necessary
• October 5 : completing the revising work by the contributor
• October 30 : completing the proofreading and modifying work
• November : completing the publication of the second volume Localities and dispatching
• early January, 2013 : the editorial conference for publishing the third volume Localities
• end of January(2013) : notifying "Call for Papers" for the third volume Localities